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Craig Blackman - Managing Director

Craig started his apprenticeship in 1997 at a small North Shore based company specializing in commercial and light industrial. Upon completing his apprenticeship, he stayed for a further 6 years (10 years total), during which time he moved up the ranks, until he was running medium to large commercial and industrial new builds, as well as refurbishments, whilst in charge of many people and various sites.

2007 saw the start of his OE and he travelled to England and worked for BAA (British Airport Authority) at Gatwick airport in their EUE (Estates Utilities and Environment) department, where he worked on grey and foul water pumping stations, all generator/critical plants that supplied the airport, as well as all environmental issues to do with pumping stations.

Craig returned home in 2010 and moved into the commercial electrical refrigeration sector(supermarket fridge/freezers).

In 2011 he started his own company and focused on “Electrical for mechanical”.

In 2015 Craig started BCS Building control solutions with Jono due to market demand for their skill set.

Jono Ballard - Managing Director

Jono carried out his apprenticeship with the same commercial electrical company as Craig - a sign of things to come!

After completing his apprenticeship, Jono left to work in the backup power systems field for a company specialising in UPS’s (uninterruptible power supplies) and DC power systems for power stations and telecommunications companies.

Jono then returned to his previous company as a Contracts Manager and was responsible for the roll out of 13 large lighting and BMS upgrades across the North Island, with a team of around 12 staff. During this time he replaced and upgraded 20 emergency lighting and communications backup power systems.

In 2015 Jono resigned and decided to start his own company carrying out electrical work for mechanical services and automation due to high market demand . Craig and Jono started BCS together and since have expanded the company to a team of 9 with 6 vehicles on the road in our service and install department.

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